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... and she was alone, in the quiet of the womb. She waited anxiously for the great happening to pass so she could finally see love. It burned inside her. There was this girl that thought so frequently of love that she convinced herself that that was actually what she had been created from. Love.

There was this girl that made it through the great happening, saw love for the first time. So she thought. As suddenly as it appeared, it had withdrawn from her. There was this girl that wondered why the great happening had to be so painful. Where did love go?!? She felt it withdrawing from her, leaving her trembling, naked, screaming. There was this girl that saw lights and faces and heard sounds and felt cold, wet, felt shivers for the first time. She could smell the heat of the moment, the sweat pouring from her body and from the Ones body as well. But through it all, she could not feel it, she could not find love. There was this girl that had been born into the absence of love.

There was this girl that journeyed into the world alone, feeling the emptiness inside that once gleamed with hope of what would be. But there was no love. The great happening came and went again, and there was this girl that thought that surely this is the last time. She thought that every time the great happening came, it would leave her with love. But instead it left her beaten and afraid, alone and terrified with that loneliness. There was this girl that faced each great happening weaker than the last, finding herself losing faith faster than she had thought possible.

There was this girl, this girl, there was this girl that faced her last great happening. And in that moment, every ounce of hope and instinct for survival was taken from her. There was this girl and she knew love had abandoned her. She lie in the desert for hours, demanding that the job be finished. She couldn't find a reason to get up. Love was dead and so was she.

There was this girl.. a girl, and in the final moments before darkness blinked her out she saw something extraordinary. The great happening had come for her again, and in moments of incoherence she cried grateful tears that she was being released, that maybe the next life held love, that this nightmare was ending.

There was this girl that felt an explosion with the touch of a hand and her eyes shot open in a flash of utter ecstasy. There was this girl that saw stars align, blue and on fire, and without a moment lost her chest began to fill and she trembled and screamed, shaking heated tears to the ground, over flowing radiance igniting this girl, there was this girl, on fire, exhaling a century of lost hope, letting free the pain, doused and dead, letting in the love, letting in love, how to love, this girl, there was this girl and she felt it. LOVE. She knew it the moment it touched her, she felt it the moment she saw you. There was this girl and you alone have saved her.
Written 7 days ago for the one I love.
WrongState Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
You know how I love this.... and you
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